A Sojourn for the Sovereign Progress Update

Here’s a strange progress update! I actually did quite a lot of work on A Sojourn for the Sovereign and yet, the progress bar didn’t move a single iota since last week. Why is that? Well, because of the sheer amount of revisions this book has gone through, I needed to add quite a few more chapters to the book. So while the second draft progress hasn’t increased, I did add 5,616 words to the manuscript. They will still need a second draft revision and I’m nearly finished writing all of the extra chapters… just need to complete one more!

After this, there’s still four more chapters that need a healthy rewrite to rework a lot of the updated plot threads. I’m confident I can complete all this work by next week and then continue with my regularly scheduled second draft revisions.

I just made progress on A Sojourn for the Sovereign! So far I’m 45% complete on the Second Draft phase. 11 Weeks remain until the deadline.

A Sojourn for the Sovereign
Phase:Second Draft
Due:9 months ago