A Tempest for the Tyrants Progress Update

A quick update. Last month I got pretty sick (not from Covid, so don’t worry) and had to take it easy. It’s not what I wanted to do but sometimes your body burns right out. Fortunately, I did finish all of my edits on the prequel novella An Overture for the Odyssey and am back to writing the third book in the Aeonlith Chronicles: A Tempest for the Tyrants.

Initially I thought this first draft would be about 90,700 words with the assumption it would end up being around 105,000 words as I typically underwrite my first drafts by 15%. However, at my current chapter length average, I seriously underestimated the word count by at least 33% so I’ve updated the estimated first draft word count to 120,000 words. It looks like this will be my longest novel yet, by far!

Here’s this week’s progress:

I just made progress on A Tempest for the Tyrants! So far I’m 45% complete on the First Draft phase. 22 Days remain until the deadline.

A Tempest for the Tyrants
Phase:First Draft
Due:3 years ago