A Tempest for the Tyrants Progress Update

So strange to be back in the writing mode for these updates! NaNoWriMo has kicked off and I’m using it to get back into writing mode and—well, I’ll be honest, the election is turning out to be quite distracting. Nevertheless! Words are being written and chapters for the first draft of the third Aeonlith Chronicles novel are being produced!

That’s right, now that I completed editing for An Abyss for the Ashes, I’ve moved on to writing the next sequel, A Tempest for the Tyrants. I will say that I’m not quite hitting the numbers to reach 50,000 words by the end of November but I’m doing something just north of 1,000 so the worst case scenario is adding 30,000 more words to a manuscript that was already 30,000 words long. At that pace, I should be able to wrap up the first draft by the beginning of next year.

I should note that I originally pegged Tempest at 91,000 words but these chapters are already much longer than anticipated. Add to that my first drafts are typically underwritten so I would wager the third book in the series will end up being comparable to the second when all is said and done… so something like 115,000 words is my best guess. I’m leaving the original estimation so I can see by how much I go over.

Some progress has also been made on the prequel novella, An Overture for the Odyssey, but that’s a bit slow going as I focus on Tempest. Still, it’s nearly 55% complete with regards to the final edit and the novella is about 30,000 words which means it’s a much quicker edit than a novel.

I should also note that while editing on Abyss is complete, I still need to have it proofread as well as finish the appendix, formatting, and graphics like the cover and maps.

Here’s this week’s numbers:

I just made progress on A Tempest for the Tyrants! So far I’m 41% complete on the First Draft phase. 11 Months remain until the deadline.

A Tempest for the Tyrants
Phase:First Draft
Due:4 years ago

I just made progress on An Overture for the Odyssey! So far I’m 45% complete on the Second Edit Pass phase.

An Overture for the Odyssey
Phase:Second Edit Pass