December Progress Update: Did Someone Say Audiobook?

This week was filled with work on marketing stuff for A Veil for the Vanguard. The sad part of being an author is how much non-writing work is required! Still more marketing stuff needs to be done but I think everything is pretty much ready for the book launch.

I’m also hoping to start work on the Veil audiobook version today! Yes, I’ll be narrating it myself so this will probably require some testing and tweaking to make sure I have everything I need. Wish me luck!

My latest in-universe short story A Dagger in Valtan City is almost complete and just requires a round of proof reading. To get in on the mailing list and receive a free short story called The Wizard and Warrior, click here!

Progress on books two and three (An Abyss for the Ashes and A Tempest for the Tyrants, respectively) are coming along. I’m focusing more on editing book two than I am in writing book three but am still trying to make sure to make progress on both.

Here’s my current number updates!

I just made progress on An Abyss for the Ashes! So far I’m 16% complete on the Editing phase.

An Abyss for the Ashes

I just made progress on A Tempest for the Tyrants! So far I’m 32% complete on the First Draft phase. 27 Days remain until the deadline.

A Tempest for the Tyrants
Phase:First Draft
Due:4 years ago

I just completed the Third Draft phase of Short Story: A Dagger in Valtan City! Now onto Proof Reading!

Short Story: A Dagger in Valtan City
Phase:Third Draft