Currently Boarded Vehicle: Silent Star | Species: Human | Ethnicity: Ashtresh | Honorary & Occupational Titles: Captain of the Silent Star | Year of Birth: 822 EA (35 Years old) | Birthplace: Ashtresh | Current Residence: Silent Star | Biological Sex: Male | Eyes: Dark brown | Hair: Black | Skin Tone: light brown | Height: 5’11 | Weight: 180 | Owned Vehicles: Silent Star | Aligned Organization: Airship Guild | Other Affiliations: Ashtresh

Captain Fitch

Fitch (822 – ) Is the airship captain of the Silent Star. He’s spent most of his life living aboard airships and adopted Vessa when he found her in a burning barn as a baby. He has also worked with Warden Jorthen on occasion.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Fitch is physically fit and a capable swordsman.

Facial Features

He has a thick, unkept beard and messy hair.

Physical quirks

He strokes his beard when thinking.

Apparel & Accessories

Owns a lucky green coat he’s had for years.

Mental characteristics

Personal history
Early Life

Fitch was born in Ashtresh but was abandoned at an orphanage by his parents as a toddler. A few years later, he escaped the Elderlands to join the airship Kneeling Knife.

Early Years Aboard the Kneeling Knife

On one of his earliest missions, he brokered a lucrative deal to take on passengers named Ririko and Kiemon near the end of the Shintah Empire’s civil war. It was here that he also first encountered Warden Jorthen. Fitch took it upon himself to train Ririko and Kiemon as airmen who decided to continue aboard the Kneeling Knife for a few more years under his tutelage. Captain Royy was impressed by Fitch’s knack for finding talent and eventually promoted him to quartermaster and second in command. 

Finding Vessa

During the Elderland Riots, the Kneeling Knife had put down in a small town near Naryn for repairs to their sails. When evening approached, the city caught fire as the Wardens showed up to quell riots in the town. Fitch found himself running for his life when he stumbled on a small child in a barn that was on fire. He took the girl with him to the Knife to escape the fight. Upon returning a few days later, the survivors did not know who the child was and who her parents could be. Due to his past experiences with orphanages, he refused to give up the girl and raised her himself, naming her Vessa. Captain Royy never took a liking to the child thinking Fitch’s sentimentality was a liability. 

Losing the Kneeling Knife

While in Arynhaar, Fitch recruited Teanna for the Kneeling Knife. She distinguished herself as a competent airman and fighter. She was also a gifted and shrewd negotiator, quickly rising through the ranks. Captain Royy considered her Fitch’s greatest protege.

Captain Royy decided to retire in Arynhaar which meant the airship naturally went to Quartermaster Fitch. However, he thought Fitch too soft and unconcerned with pay and money to make a good captain, tarnishing his legacy. He made a deal with Teanna: she could be captain of the Kneeling Knife if she left Fitch and Vessa behind in Arynhaar. 

Captain of the Silent Star

The Silent Star is one of the oldest airships and nearly derelict in Yorsif. Its captain, Konkarl, hadn’t flown the ship in a while and took poor care of it over the years. When Fitch found the alcoholic captain drunk in a tavern he learned the crew had abandoned the ship. Fitch convinced the captain to make him quartermaster and he would take on all responsibilities of captain and bring the ship back into service. Vessa and Fitch got to work rebuilding the airship. Six months after agreeing to make Fitch quartermaster, Konkarl slipped a noose around his neck and hung himself. After a year of work, Fitch was able to put together a new crew and sail the Silent Star for the first time with him as captain and Vessa as quartermaster. 

Reconnecting With Warden Jorthen

Captain Fitch ran into Warden Jorthen again in Valtan City. The Warden had now become the foremost relic hunter and begun a fruitful business relationship with the Silent Star. He chartered the airship countless times over the next few years as he searched the world for ancient Warden relics lost throughout the years. 

Secret Mission to Qattan

During a bad business year, Jorthen hired the Silent Star to smuggle him into the Elderlands. Along with himself, Jorthen also brought a young Warden named Kera who worked in the Citadel’s athenaeum. With few financial options, he agreed to take them on the dangerous journey.

Failures & Embarrassments

He was robbed of the Kneeling Knife captaincy by his protege Teanna.

Personality Characteristics


He enjoys his freedom. For him, captaining an airship is less about trade and more about traveling the world as a free man.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

He’s a competent sword fighter and an excellent airman.

Likes & Dislikes

Loves a good glass of wine and watching the sun set. While he loves flying and being in the sky, mountains tend to give him vertigo.

Personality Quirks

He’s fairly frugal except when it comes to wine which he will spare no expense for.

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