Current Location: Valtan City | Currently Boarded Vehicle: Silent Star | Species: Human | Year of Birth: 831 EA (26 Years old) | Birthplace: Valtan City | Biological Sex: Female | Eyes: Golden eyes, flecked with green | Hair: Red | Skin Tone: Fair | Height: 5’4″ | Weight: 120 | Aligned Organization: Wardens of the Aeon

Warden Kera

Kera (831 – ) is a Warden and apprentice to the bibliothecary Luindre. She led a quiet life in working the athenaeum helping Luindre to preserve the manuscripts there that had deteriorated. Her ability to channel the Aeon is very weak and almost led to her being dismissed from the Wardens of Aeon. Unlike most Wardens, she does not carry a staff filled with lenstones keeping only a single lumenstone pendant around her neck. 

Kera’s life was mostly uneventful until she was ordered by the High Council to accompany famed relic hunter Jorthen on a quest to find the Keystone staff. They chartered the Silent Star, under the command of Captain Fitch, to smuggle them into Qattan.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Kera is physically fit and agile due to training with Jin in his Kunsdt studio. Unlike most Wardens, she developed a keen interest in martial arts instead of using magic as a form of self defense.

Special abilities

She can channel the Aeon although her abilities are very weak compared to the rest of the Citadel.

Apparel & Accessories

Like most Wardens, Kera dresses in red robes. She keeps a small lumenstone pendant around her neck.

Mental characteristics

Personal history
Early life

Kera was recruited at an early age to train as a Warden at the Citadel in Valtan City. When she came of age, she went through the induction ceremony which revealed her ability to channel would never be very strong. The High Council weighed whether she was to stay or be allowed to leave but Luindre asked if she could be a helping hand in the atheneum as he was growing old and would need to train someone to take over. Due to her difficulty in channeling, Kera never received a staff. Her only lenstone was a small lumenstone she kept as a pendant around her neck.

Training at Jin’s

Her peers thought she should not have been accepted as a Warden believing she was there on a technicality. She was teased for her shortcomings and Luindre suggested she learn the art of physical combat which led her to train with Jin. During one encounter, a boy who used a windstone several times to knock her stack of papers over that she was trying to carry. To get him to stop she broke his nose with a punch to the face which ultimately stopped the bullying but also isolated herself further from her peers and the rest of the Wardens.

Secret Mission to Qattan

Jorthen and the bibliothecary Luindre discovered the location of an ancient and powerful lenstone known as the Keystone staff somewhere in Qattan, deep in the heart of the Elderlands. Jorthen insisted on Luindre accompanying him so that he could gleam any information from documents both in the athenaeum and any they encountered in Qattan. The High Council rejected his request but allowed him to bring Luindre’s apprentice. She boarded the airship Silent Star soon after as Jorthen planned for both of them to be smuggled into Qattan.

Personality Characteristics


Kera was bullied by the other Wardens growing up which led to a desire to help those who were weaker than her. She spent much time around Valtan city which gave her a deeper appreciation of non-magic users but never quite felt like she belonged in each group.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

She is proficient in the use of Kunsdt martial arts and is quite learned. However, she lacks any world experiences and can be naive of how the world truly works outside of what she has read.

Likes & Dislikes

She was surprised to learn how much she has come to enjoy ale.


Religious Views

A member of the Wardens of Aeon.

Social Aptitude

She can be quite shy at times but also headstrong if she feels something isn’t just.


Kera tends to fiddle with her hair when she is nervous.

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