This Week’s Progress Update: Aeonlith Chronicles Book 2

I just made progress on Aeonlith Saga Book 2! So far I’m 75% complete on the Writing phase. 14 Days remain until the deadline.

Aeonlith Saga Book 2
Due:5 years ago

The first draft is slowly coming together but more slowly than I’d like. Word count is down this week but words have been added every day. I’ll take my wins where I can get them!

Tomorrow (Saturday) I’ll become a bit of a recluse and stay at home and write for hours on end. Or binge watch Stranger Things… Just kidding!

Speaking of writing for hours on a weekend: a month ago I booked a nearby Airbnb for a few days to do a solo writing retreat for myself. I plan on doing nothing but writing so tomorrow will be a bit of a dry run to test a few things out. That writing retreat kicks in next weekend and I’m really REALLY hoping to finish first draft of Book 2 of the Aeonlith Chronicles then. Even if I don’t make it, I should have a week remaining to wrap it up on schedule.

I’m also hoping to complete a first draft of a short story then as well and outline book 3. I already started outlining but there’s a lot more work that needs to be done on it.