A Veil for the Vanguard

A magic user out of her element and a motley airship crew set out to search for a powerful magical artifact. Instead, they unravel long buried secrets that threaten to spill into all out war.

Why her?

Kera is the least powerful Warden in the entire Citadel, and they choose her to head into enemy territory? Crazy!

To find the most powerful magical artifact ever known? Certifiably insane! 

Not to mention the thing has been lost for over a century.

On top of that, she has to team up with celebrated relic hunter, Jorthen. Intimidating? Just a little.

But Kera has no choice. The High Council has spoken. 

So she boards an airship with a motley crew with little hope of success. But what they discover is far beyond an artifact. They uncover dark secrets that could launch a global war.