Aeonlith Chronicles Book 1 & 2 Progress Update

I just made progress on Aeonlith Saga Book 2! So far I’m 94% complete on the Writing phase. 6 Days remain until the deadline.

Aeonlith Saga Book 2
Due:5 years ago

Still not done book 2, but we’re in the endgame now! I doubt I’ll be able to make my goal of finishing before the end of July, unfortunately, but it’s almost there. Only 11 more chapters to go and my climax chapters tend to be shorter so hopefully I’ll blast through them quickly!

Other things of note: my editor has returned the edited pages of book 1 so I just need to do a pass of that before sending them off to my beta readers. I’ve also got back edited pages of the short stories as well so a pass of those will need to get done soon too.

Things aren’t going as quickly as I like but they are progressing. Bit of a mixed good news/bad news bag this week.