Almost Done the First Draft of Aeonlith Chronicles Book 2!

I just made progress on Aeonlith Chronicles Book 2! So far I’m 86% complete on the Writing phase. 0 Days remain until the deadline.

Aeonlith Saga Book 2
Due:5 years ago

I’ve actually completed an entire pass on the first draft! Last weekend I rented an Airbnb and dictated the entire second Aeonlith novel to its conclusion… so why the 86% completion? It has to do with editing the text that the transcription software produces. Frankly, it isn’t great and I tend to gloss over loads of things when dictating that need to be written in. Still, the math holds out that doing it this way is twice as fast as sitting down to write.

Editing wise, I’ve completed over 8,300 words this week since Monday which includes some of my longest chapters yet. That means, conservatively, the first draft should be completed before the end of the month. I am planning on doing quite a bit of editing on Saturday so hopefully that will allow me to finish it before July 31st.

In other news, A Veil for the Vanguard (Book 1) is nearing the end of the editing process. Fourteen chapters remain for a final pass before being sent off to my beta readers. Book 3 is behind on being plotted out but since my goals are to have book 1 and 2 finished, that one isn’t a priority.