Anuvalon Empire

The Anuvalon Empire was a prosperous empire born out of the ashes of the Necromage War and spanned centuries. With the lands in complete turmoil, a knight named Everardus Serill gathered the Council of Nine and brought peace across the continent of Oderon. He set up his capital in the heart of the continent in a small town called Duskshade.

Over the centuries, the Empire grew to encompass the northern coast of the Elderlands and despite civil wars it remained a prosperous state with Everardus’ dynasty remaining intact. The War of the Heavens changed all of that when Stocaea seized a number of airships and began to smash cities that would not bow to their will. Despite being ultimately defeated, the damage inflicted on the Anuvalon Empire fractured it and a final civil war broke it into the five kingdoms. The last sitting emperor Athelardus Serill went into hiding after narrowly surviving an assassination attempt. The Return of the Emperor was prophesied by the Oracle that he would return during Anuvalon’s greatest time of need.

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