The Wardens are a powerful order who can channel the Aeonlith Stone; a giant eight story gemstone. To harness their power they need to focus it through stone that must be in direct physical contact with the user. Some types of wood act as intermediary mediums so most Wardens embed stones into wooden staffs. Every gemstone a Warden uses has a specific purpose: a Luminstone creates light, an Aerostone levitates, a Firegem creates flame, and so on.

It is believed that during the Necromage War, the Aeon sent the stone for the chosen to defeat the army of the living dead. Following that time, the Wardens kept the peace around the world from their cloistered temple built around the Aeonlith. Centuries later they were forced into the conflict of the War of the Heavens when the Stocaean Kingdom seized a fleet of airships and wreaked chaos across the Anuvalon Empire and the nations of the Elderlands. The war ended in a final battle deep in the heart of the Mortira desert and led the Arshai Treaty.

Since that time, the Wardens have become a neutral party that protect and mediate between nations. They are also charged with hunting down any rogue airships that are found transporting weapons of any kind which is forbidden by the Arshai Treaty and protect the source of the spirit of flight (colloquially known as droll wind) in the Freehold.

The Wardens were also involved in a series of incidents called the Great Burn in the Elderlands. The nations of the Elderlands claim the Wardens invaded their towns and cities with impunity and destroyed much in their path while the Wardens have said they were invited to intervene in a multi-state war. Eventually, the Wardens were banned from the continent as it unified.

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