Progress Update: Aeonlith Chronicles Book 2 and 3

I’m happy to let everyone know that I started putting words to the page for A Tempest for the Tyrants, the third book in the Aeonlith Chronicles. I really just started as my primary focus is finishing and marketing A Veil for the Vanguard with a secondary focus on book 2, An Abyss for the Ashes.

Speaking of book 2, I’m slowly making my way through the second draft. Once I’m a lot further through, I’m going to start sending chapters to my editor which means I’ll be working on the second draft and editors notes for a third draft at the same time.

I’m hesitant to give out any concrete details about when A Veil for the Vanguard will be released but it’s starting to look like I might be able to release all three of these novels next year if I push it. At least, that is my hope and I can’t wait for everyone to get the chance to read them!

I just made progress on An Abyss for the Ashes! So far I’m 6.8% complete on the Second Draft phase.

An Abyss for the Ashes
Phase:Second Draft

I just made progress on A Tempest for the Tyrants! So far I’m 2% complete on the First Draft phase. 9 Weeks remain until the deadline.

A Tempest for the Tyrants
Phase:First Draft
Due:4 years ago