Three Book Updates for the Price of One!

Ok, these updates are free, but still!

Work on both the prequel and sequel books are going apace and I’m generally on track to meet my deadline goals. As always, I slip a bit behind near Friday with my edits but try to catch up on the weekends. Book 2 is nearly done editing… and I mean entirely done other than proofreading. The prequel, while it looks like has farther to go, is still much shorter and expect it to be done before the sequel. In a perfect world, they’d be released very close to each other!

I also promised an update on a third book… well here it is: My deadline for book 2’s edits is for them to be complete by Halloween. Nanowrimo kicks off November 1st and I would like to use that time to get a substantial amount of the third book complete (note: I’ve never actually completed Nanowrimo, but I keep trying!).

You may not know this but I actually have 30,000 words completed of a first draft for that book. I’ve just placed my focus on the prequel and book 2 because trying to work on three books was a bridge too far. It will be nice to actually get back to writing, however!

There’s also going to be a companion novelette to book 3! I’m guessing it’ll be 14,000 words and detail something that happens concurrently with the novel. By nature, I’m a plotter but I use discovery writing to understand the details of things that happened.

Here’s this week by the numbers:

I just made progress on An Overture for the Odyssey! So far I’m 18% complete on the Second Edit Pass phase.

An Overture for the Odyssey
Phase:Second Edit Pass

I just made progress on An Abyss for the Ashes! So far I’m 89% complete on the Editing phase.

An Abyss for the Ashes