Updates, Apologies, & Awesomeness: Aeonlith Chronicles Book 2

I just made progress on Aeonlith Saga Book 2! So far I’m 77% complete on the Writing phase. 7 Days remain until the deadline.

Aeonlith Saga Book 2
Due:4 years ago

I’m still pretty far from completing the first draft of the book but tonight begins my stay at an Airbnb where I’m going to hunker down and write a ton of words! Probably won’t have the draft finished but I’ll be close to being done.

So what’s with the slow down this week? Well, there is a bit of burn out happening in regards to writing but I still wanted to work on the series as a whole. With that in mind, I decided to begin work on a Wiki which includes some well crafted drawings— and so I taught myself digital illustration this week. On the right is a sneak peak at what the protagonist of the Aeonlith Chronicles looks like. Took me a few hours to paint the portrait but it was totally worth it.

Part of the reason for the Wiki is that there are a lot of things to keep track of for the series. I found myself having to go back looking for certain descriptions and small facts I was bringing up again. I also found that I had changed the eye color of a few characters so the visual image will definitely help keep everything consistent.